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Emergency denture repairs and maintenance

Phil’s Denture Clinic provides denture repairs in Perth. Our array of services includes a host of denture relines and repairs at our onsite laboratory. A broken denture can certainly ruin your dinner, or day out and about, which is why we offer emergency denture repairs, at affordable prices.

We are members of all health funds and have the facilities to process your health-fund rebate directly through the clinic’s HICAPS terminal. This easy process saves you time and money. As long-time denture manufacturers we are an HBF preferred provider and a Medibank Private members’ choice associate. Depending on your level of cover, this allows you to claim up to 80% of your fee for your dentures. Ensuring your dentures are well maintained will mean less time spent having them repaired.

Denture Maintenance

It is essential that you handle your dentures with care. Ensure that you remove and rinse your false teeth after eating. Don’t leave them lying on a hard surface, rather place them on a towel. It’s easy enough to crack or chip dentures on a hard surface, and if you do you can contact our emergency denture repair department for a same-day service.

Brush dentures daily with a non-abrasive brush, and a cleaner specifically designed to remove food particles without damaging the false teeth. Always soak them overnight as dentures need to remain moist. Follow Phil’s instructions to ensuring longevity of your prosthetics.

Always rinse your dentures with water before placing them back in your mouth as the denture solutions can cause digestive discomfort if ingested. Also avoid putting your dentures in boiling water as this will cause the teeth to warp.

Emergency Denture Repairs

Get your dentures repaired while you wait. A loose or fractured denture can cause a fair amount of embarrassment, which is why we offer a same day emergency denture-repair service.

Depending on the extent of the damage, to repair broken dentures can take anything from an hour to a day. Partial denture fractures occurs when you have a few loose teeth, or your dentures have fallen on the floor and cracked, these are quick repairs. However, if you have lost a few teeth, then a full denture replacement may be required.

For the reasons above, denture maintenance is completely essential to ensure the longevity of your false teeth. Much like the natural pearly whites that Mother Nature blessed you with, these ones also require cleaning and care.

Get in touch with us today and make an appointment to meet with Philip Place, our dental prosthetist who offers a lifetime of experience and provides nothing less than service excellence. You have every reason to smile with Phil’s Denture Clinic assisting you.

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