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Dentures need to cleaned in the same manner as natural teeth, morning and night and after some meals.

They must be kept as clean as possible to prevent inflamed gums, infection or further tooth loss.

Always remove your dentures for cleaning and continue to brush any remaining teeth and your gums to stimulate blood circulation.

Dentures may be cleaned using a soft specially designed brush and running water, if needed a gentle cleanser may be used such as a simple hand soap.

We recommend and sell a cleaning product which is used weekly and if used correctly will keep your dentures free of plaque and stains.

Never use toothpaste on your denture, it will work as an abrasive and damage it’s appearance, it will also remove the polish and allow staining.

It is necessary to visit us every 6 -12 months so we can examine your dentures and professionally clean and polish them


New dentures will frequently cause your speech to be affected, the good news is that this is one of the easiest problems to rectify. Simply reading out aloud will allow your tongue to locate it’s correct positioning for enunciating your speech.


While you are making the transition to your new dentures it is recommended to eat softer foods, smaller mouthfuls and to chew more slowly.

Try to avoid very hot food or drink to start with to ensure you don’t burn yourself, Sensitivity to the temperature of food and drinks may be temporarily affected, but will return in time.

Dentures at Night

We recommend that dentures should be removed at least twice daily to allow massaging of the supporting tissue which encourages blood flow to the tissue.

If leaving your dentures out overnight place in water to prevent any warping or cracking.

If leaving dentures in for extended periods brush the supporting tissue with a soft tooth brush whilst cleaning your dentures

Regular Check-up

Apart from cleaning your denture it is important to have your mouth and dentures checked every year even if you have complete dentures.

Regular maintenance and check-ups not only ensure the health of your mouth and supporting tissues but also ensure the maximum life expectancy for your dentures.

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