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Partial and permanent cosmetic dentures in Perth

Experts in the moulding and the creation of comfortable and durable mouthguards and dentures, Phil’s Denture Clinic is the preferred laboratory for quality dentures in Perth. Our services and products include complete and partial denture construction and repairs. We produce various prosthetics for a host of clients with a range of oral specifications.

You don’t have to despair if you require partial or permanent dentures. Our prosthetics are created at our onsite laboratory where fully qualified technicians work to produce natural-looking sets of complete dentures, which are moulded and crafted for durability and comfort. Our new dentures will have you feeling like they are naturally yours.

Getting false teeth can be a daunting experience for anyone but we have taken every step to ensure our products, from full cosmetic dentures to even the smallest partial denture, suit you completely.

Partial dentures, dependant on the scope of repair, may be fixed within a few hours. All repairs and productions are overseen by Phillip Place. Phillip is a fully qualified and experienced dental prosthetist with many years’ experience in creating ideally suited oral prosthetics to replace missing teeth on the lower and upper jaws.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is constructed to replace some missing teeth in either or both of the upper and lower arch. These prosthetics may simply be used for aesthetic appeal, however, they also play an important role in mastication, speech and the prevention of drifting or over-eruption, which can make future dental work and replacement considerably more difficult.

Over-eruption is caused when a tooth does not have oppositional partners to bite against, resulting in the lonely tooth growing longer, eventually causing long-term problems. A partial denture creates opposition for the tooth and prevents any further movement or dislodging of other teeth.

There are different kinds of materials used in the construction of partial prosthetics, most commonly:

  1. Acrylic
  2. Cast metal
  3. Nylon or flexible resin


Make an appointment today and we will help you determine which of these is best suited to your needs.

Complete Dentures

Cosmetic dentures are a wonderful alternative for anyone who has lost a full set of teeth. Complete/full dentures are constructed to replace all teeth in either or both of the upper and lower arch.

We work alongside you to replicate your natural smile, or if you want, we can create a brand-new smile. We use the finest materials to create completely natural-looking new dentures that will give you back your confidence, and a gleaming smile.

Take back your smile and confidence with complete or partial dentures from Phil’s Denture Clinic. Contact us today for assistance.


Complete Dentures

Complete or Full Dentures are constructed to replace all teeth in either or both of the upper and lower arch.

At Phil's Denture Clinic we work with you to replicate your natural smile or if you want  we can create a completely new smile

A World of Difference Preview Program

  • A World of Difference Preview Programme
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