Denture Repair & Reline Professionals in Perth

Philip has been constructing high-quality dentures and mouthguards for over 20 years, Phil’s Denture Clinic is the recommended choice for superior dental services that include complete and partial denture construction, relines and repairs, and custom mouthguards.

Request a partial denture to replace missing teeth or complete dentures to replace all your teeth on the lower and upper jaws. Restore your smile with comfortable dentures designed and produced at our onsite laboratory.

Using state-of-the-art technology, combined with continued professional development, our qualified team consistently provides natural-looking dentures that are constructed using only the finest materials. Overseen by Phillip Place, a highly qualified dental prosthetist, each mouthpiece is crafted, or repaired to perfection, ensuring your comfort and longevity of your dentures.

Denture Repair

Dentures can become brittle over time and do not handle being dropped, as the continual stress on the material can lead to chips and cracks. Repair your smile as soon as possible at our onsite laboratory where we provide quality denture repairs. Depending on the extent of the damage, repairs can be done while you wait.

Do not despair as you do not need to acquire a new set at every turn. Our qualified onsite technicians use the finest materials to ensure your final product is resilient and durable, giving you something to smile about.

Denture Reline

Our bones alter slightly as we age and our teeth begin to loosen. The same thing happens with dentures, as the bones in your gums begin to alter slightly, your dentures being to feel looser in your mouth. Denture maintenance is essential, much like any other product that is regularly used.

Phil’s Denture Clinic’s denture reline services are highly recommended as our experienced technicians effectively refit the inner surface of your denture, ensuring a more comfortable and improved fit.

Custom Mouthguards

Protect your teeth and mouth with comfortable, bespoke mouth guards made in our hi-tech, onsite laboratory. Wearing a custom mouthguard is essential if you or your child plays sport. High impact sports in particular carry a large amount of danger for your teeth, and the best way to ensure you keep yours for many decades is to have a customised mouthpiece made for you.

Our onsite denture professionals will take a mould of your mouth and teeth and create the perfect protection piece, made from the finest materials designed to absorb high impact. The risk of broken teeth, and injury to your mouth, is greatly reduced with a mouthguard in place. 

As members of all health funds we can process your health-fund rebate directly through our onsite HICAPS terminal, thereby saving you time and money. Phil's Denture Clinic is an HBF preferred provider and a Medibank Private members’ choice associate, which, depending on your level of cover, allows you to claim up to 80% of your fee.

Contact us today and speak to us about our dental services or your custom mouthguard requirements.

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